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For forex traders out there, I've found that you can actually embed a web cTrader in Notion!
If you like my setup, BUY ME A COFFEE! 🎉. I'm dying for a good cup of store bought brewed coffee, not instant coffee from home. I would really appreciate your latte treat.
What are shown on the Long Version?
  1. various widgets on
  2. interactive charting tool on
  3. an actual CTRADER web platform inside notion! How cool is that!! I was mind blown when it showed in my page.
How to embed widgets?
  1. embed code from
  2. add pen on and paste in html section > save
  3. copy url in the search bar
  4. embed url in notion
  5. done
How to embed ctrader platform?
  1. log in to your ctrader platform according to your broker account
  2. embed url in, either app or browser, log in again; and
  3. you're done!
What's good about this setup?
  1. i don't need to switch between windows to trade and analyze my charts
  2. i use gallery view on my Market Outlook table and setup my trades
  3. track my profits per day
I've really fallen real hard with Notion. 😭 Notion, you are so good to me. Once again, if you like my setup, BUY ME A COFFEE! 🎉. I'm dying for a good cup of store bought brewed coffee, not instant coffee from home. I would really appreciate your latte treat.
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Review of Beta Exchg

In the big picture, the core businesses of TIO are
The current beta testing is for exchg.
WHY exchange ?
The platform is built from the ground up for the long term, and most importantly, "community feedback-driven innovation". It's suggested by us, reviewed by the team, and built for us. It is "our" platform. Easy + Fast + Efficient + Safe.
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Download Forex All-In-One-Widget for Windows to receive Forex news, videos, analysis, reviews, applications to facilitate your online Forex trading. Forex widget windows; Forex widget windows. 14 Oct. 2017 14:53. A forex widget is a forex application that enable traders perform a number of functions while trading in the forex market. Forex brokers that offer high quality services to their clients are always improving their sites and platforms with these forex widgets in order to improve the experience of their clients and visitors. There ... Forex web ticker widget now available. Choose from 22 currency pairs that scroll across the width of your viewing screen, presenting realtime updates of the currency pairs you have selected . This ticker has been designed to be viewed and understood at a glance. No sign up required. Get it for your site . They already use them. Forex Maniacs; Trading beats me up; FXwinners; The Forex ... The live indices widget at Daily Forex is a vibrant and active widget which covers the live quotes and live rates chosen by the webmaster or other users from amongst the many indices traded throughout the world. + Add to your site Forex Webinars Widget. The Webinar Widget is a one-of-a-kind Forex widget that informs traders of all the available Forex webinars on the web. From ... The Forex Widget meets all your Forex needs in a small & customizable interface DailyForex, the one-stop-shop for all your Forex needs just got even better with the release of the new All-in-One Forex Widget. The new widget is full of features with twelve different state of the art screens including Forex news, videos, analysis, reviews, pip calculator, currency converter, and many other Forex ... forex charts free download - Omnia Charts, Automated Forex Trading Software, Robot Forex 2013 Profesional, and many more programs Das fortschrittliche Chart-Widget ist eine kostenlose und leistungsstarke Charting-Lösung, die sich leicht in jede Webseite einbauen lässt. Sie können die Einstellungen ganz leicht einstellen und auf "Apply" klicken, um eine Vorschau zu sehen und dann den Code kopieren und in den Code der Seite einfügen.

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"Market Watch" window in MetaTrader 4 trading platform IFC Markets

You will also notice that the Linear Gauge corresponds with the respective chart and clicking the Trade button opens the order ticket for that chart. OK, let’s now try the Acuity Radial Gauge. MetaTrader 4 trading platform (MT4 platform) gives a possibility to execute algorithmic trading (automated Forex trading) and technical analysis through an integrated program language MQL4. On MT4 ... Official "The Invest Bay" webpage: Recommended forex broker: Indicator, description and examples... Change the way you trade Forex, and you might change your whole life. 😎 From - to + in your account in no time. 👏 The future is mobile 📱, so prepare yourself... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Welcome to our MetaTrader 4 Basics Course, brought to you by This first video covers logging in to MetaTrader, opening new charts, zo... Please consider our Risk Disclosure: The content varies depending on the country of your residence and the financial services...