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Don't get [FOREX] scammed! (Long post but worth the warning)

I bet Im not the only one who sees ads like this on Facebook.
LearnToTrade claims to be a Forex coaching company that was going to make you so rich, you'd throw your paperwork on your boss's face and buy a yacht next month. I was impressed as the venue for the free seminar was at a swanky building in BGC (sa ibabaw ng Lamborghini lol). One day, I saw one of their ads and because I had time to spare, I dragged my girlfriend along to check it out since we live around the area.
During the two-hour ordeal, all the speaker did was:
1) Put Greg Secker (their founder) on a pedestal of flowers. The guy appeared on a video which served as his "speech" and appeared to be messianic as fuck. There was something about the guy and the way he was reverred that was so unsettling. (More about him later)
2) Exaggerate on how genius traders their students turned out to be. (A 13yo is now trading millions monthly and lawyers quit being lawyers because they apparently realized they started earning more from trading because of what they learned from LearnToTrade)
3) Badmouth other trading companies. I couldn't keep track with how many times she lambasted COLfinancial (not even a Forex competitor) for ripping off arms and legs with their "ridiculous commissions". She asked if anybody in the room uses COLfinancial for trading stocks. I do but I decided to keep quiet to hear what she had to say. She was saying shit like "Imagine, 40% ng kinita ng pera nyo, sakanila mapupunta." That's when I realized nangbubullshit sya because the commission is only 0.25%. It could've been an honest mistake but...
4) Practically try to force us to "not hesitate" in enrolling at THREE-SESSION COACHING WORTH 90K. And wait, discounted na yan! Promo daw eh! So she said, when you start attending the classes, don't tell your classmates because they paid 400k daw for those classes. WTF?
5) Focus on the participants' desire for wealth. No remote feel that they were there to educate.
Although I was obviously not sold, I went home with a nagging feeling that I just wasted more than 2 hours of my life. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!
They kept calling me for daysss (sayang I switched phones so di ko na maprovide yung call logs) trying to convince me to enroll. SUPER KULIT. I got so pissed, nagsungit na ko sa caller and started doing my research. Here are what I found out:
1) Greg Secker, the self-styled "internationally acclaimed" trading genius, was never even a trader. He was only affiliated with the big financial corporations that he LOVED to name-drop - as an employee.
2) For someone who claims his company can teach anyone to be really rich, the dude is allegedly operating at a loss.
3) His companies' incomes are mostly from the "enrolment fees" the more gullible trusting people throw in - not from actual effective trading.
And soooo much more sketchy stuff. Up to you to give them a chance. Here are some links to foreign articles about Greg Secker and LearnToTrade:
The Guardian article
BBC UK article
DailyMail UK exposé article
Greg Secker labeled as a "snake oil salesman" LOL
Quora forum
Philippine exposé vlog
And on and on...
It's surprising that even after getting exposed left and right, he's still able to stay in the business. Im not here to smear shit on LearnToTrade or call Greg Secker a charlatan, I just think you should at least know what you're getting into and not listen to someone sell alchemy. Total waste of time. I know somehow there are honest people in that company, but I think they can only be the naive ones.
PS: Just found out they're NOT registered with the SEC and was raided by the NBI as a syndicate halos last month lang. Hohoho. Pero may ads parin sa Facebook? Help me report pag may nakita kayo. :)
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Are all "Forex training" things / courses terrible and the best thing to do is diving in with constant revision?

Hi I'm UK, been curious about Forex it seems very interesting, not a get rich quick thing, but an interesting way to make use of money that's just collecting dust.
My cousin told me about Infinite Prosperity, I looked into it, read it, saw loads of read flags, loads of wasted space, loads of wasted text, basic psychology and marketing; looked into it and the people involved, took less than 5 minutes to find even more red flags.
Same goes with England Greg Secker with Learn to Trade.
So I'm thinking, the best way to learn, same with anything, is to simply do it yourself, the same way we read books and resources to learn and educate ourselves on various things.
Am I on the right track? The best thing to do, for someone curious / interested to get into Forex is to simply, extremely cautiously participate in Forex trading with low risk with an emphasis on getting experience, while continuously revising as you would before a test?
Also, this resource list is amazing from the sidebar - https://www.reddit.com/Forex/comments/2tbaqp/i_made_a_list_of_resources_for_beginners_and/
I intend to go through this thoroughly to see if it's for me to do on the side, so I'm not really expecting any in-depth answers because of this great resource, just confirmation it's up-to-date or something would be very appreciated.
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Greg Secker: Knowledge To Action website. This graphic says it all (highlights are mine). I am astounded that the term “holy grail” is still used! Huge red flag because if there were a Forex holy grail, everybody would be using it. There is no holy grail. There are simply trading strategies that may or may not provide an edge for some people. Prepare yourself for the forex market with our trading seminar, designed to provide you with knowledge, strategy, facts & advice to help you learn to trade. Whether you're a novice trader or a forex veteran, we'll supply you with information and guidance to increase the potential of forex success. Greg Secker Forex. Greg Secker is the CEO and founder of Learn to Trade. From it’s humble home classroom beginnings, Secker grew the company into what is now, one of the leading Forex trading education providers in the world. Greg Secker’s Forex training program has grown in leaps and bounds for a number of reasons. While many people felt that Forex trading was only something the big banks ... Master Trader and CEO Greg Secker has students who are turning just 30 minutes a day into a solid income of 1 to 2 thousand dollars a week. And for many that’s just the beginning. You'll be learning from the best. Called upon as a trading 'guru', Greg's opinions on Forex Market Direction and Trading Opportunities are regularly featured on major market channels including CNBC, Skynews ... Greg Secker, CFOCEO. Philanthopist. Philanthropy is everyone’s responsibility, and it can be found embedded in Greg’s international businesses. As founder of the Greg Secker Foundation he believes that philanthropy and commercial interests should coexist and is often referred to as the trader who build a village. “The modern consumer wants to know the business they engage with has ... Greg Secker has offices in the London, Sydney, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Greg was a prized finalist position in the 2010 London Excellence Awards, and most recently claimed 49th place in the 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards- a Sunday Times initiative co-sponsored by Virgin that recognizes UK's Fastest growing companies. Greg has always loved speed and as a young boy he was an ... World-Class Trader Reveals 100% Legal "Insider" System To Make A Killing With Forex (While working FEWER hours than you are right now!) CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML. ONE OF A KIND FREE WEBINAR: World-Class Trader Reveals 100% Legal "Insider" System To Make A Killing With Forex (While working FEWER hours than you are right now!) CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML. Next session starts in: countdown. 00 Hours ... Learn to trade forex with world class trader greg secker. Special ONE-OFF Webcast CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML. ONE OF A KIND FREE WEBINAR: World-Class Trader Reveals 100% Legal "Insider" System To Make A Killing With Forex (While working FEWER hours than you are right now!) CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML. Next session starts in: countdown. 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds. Greg Secker Has Been Featured ... Greg Secker’s career started as a Trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services, conceiving and developing trading systems to expose profit making opportunities in the lucrative foreign exchange market. In the mid-nineties he developed one of the first ever real-time Foreign Exchange trading systems – aptly named “The Virtual Trading Desk” which went on to win many awards ... Dear fellow forex warriors, I recently returned from a conference where Greg Secker from Learn To Trade was one of the guest speakers. He did a 60 minute talk aimed at convincing gullible want-to-be traders that they can reach financial freedom simply by enrolling in their education program at a cost of $4900.

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